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Tool Tethering Solutions from PROTO Industrial

When working from height, a falling tool can ruin more than just your day. Proto® has always been ‘safety obsessed’ and now this obsession has inspired an innovative and comprehensive tool tethering system completely changing the way workers at height are able to protect their tools, and the people on the jobsite below them.

Introducing the Proto® SkyHook™ Tether & Transfer System: A revolutionary way to keep your tools connected to either your wrist or tool belt at all times, without interfering with your productivity.

The new line of products allows users to not only purchase PROTO® tether-ready tools, but they can also purchase the lanyards, accessories and storage solutions to tether their current tools. These tools, combined with Proto® SkyHook™ technology, will keep you connected to your tool at all times…Another reason why Proto® is BEYOND STRONG.

For people who work at height, personal fall protection is a requirement in many workplaces. And now, companies are extending similar requirements for the tools that their employees use. Industries including Construction, Oil & Gas, and Power Generation are leading the way with these requirements but many others are following this trend. The new PROTO® tool tethering solutions are an innovative way to keep your tools safe and your jobsite safer.

Connect to jobsite safety with Proto®. Visit to learn more.