A wise man told me, “there is something in a name.” Snap ring pliers are a tool designed to install and remove snap rings. Which are those small metal rings that hold in a bearing or other assembly item by setting into a machined groove. Snap rings are common in car engine parts as well as in motorcycle and bicycle shocks and forks. Snap ring pliers are an important addition to a tool Wright Tool and Proto Snap-Ring Pliers-IN STOCKbox because a snap ring is difficult or impossible to remove or install without them.

Torque Wrench Group
A secure hold you’ll never second-guess.

Precision torque tools are built for accuracy when it counts. A precision torque tool is only as good as its results. And, with proper maintenance and regular recalibration, our rigorous safety standards ensure you never have to question their accuracy.

What makes the difference? Proto® precision torque tools are individually crafted, each one from a single piece of solid, high-grade steel, giving you a better, stronger, more dependable tool.

Our precision torque products come in three series for all tolerance ranges, from automotive to commercial air. Because we know you won’t tolerate anything less than a tool as dependable and accurate as ours, no matter what job you’re doing.